Karma is not a Buzzword

Let's keep things in perspective and remember what truly matters when it comes to self-care. Read More

More About BackTalk Box

BackTalk Box (TM) is a unique gift experience for women who love self-care but hate everything attached to it. You know what I mean. The Mommy bloggers who grow all their own food and delicately photograph every meal. The yoginis who swear Ocean-sounding breath can cure cancer. The butterfly-chasing “You Go, Girl!” entrepreneurs with rich-girl haircuts and zero sense of humor. Does the phrase, “Live out loud!” make you cringe? Good.

BackTalkBox (TM) is none of that. We hate quinoa. We don’t want to give ourselves at-home colonics. We’re insulted by the implication that we can “doodle our dreams” or “interpretive dance our goals.”

Y’all, seriously. Why has “self-care” been colonized by mindless hordes of dull women? It’s enough to make a girl want to fling herself off a cliff.

But we’re not going to. Self-harm is so passe. Instead, we’ve formed a subscription service for the rest of us: Smart women who value ourselves and have a thirst for knowledge, served with a razor’s edge of snark. Because, for real: We all know your yoga instructor isn’t a spiritual leader and kale smoothies cure nothing. BackTalk Box (TM) is founded on the principle that you can be both cynical and filled with wonder… just like our boxes!

We’re here to nourish you with information on cool art and health movements, focus on charities and non-profits, and (duh!) hand-picked gifts to get you on your way.